Commercial Airline Repatriation is the strength of our business. We have developed and implemented programs designed specifically for the patient who can fly via commercial airline. Dedicating resources to our core competency makes our expertise unsurpassed in the industry.

With the medical staff pool that Parkview has, the company is able to meet last minute requests and have an escort airborne in the matter of hours. Through our Canadian home office and network we have access to visa procurement services through Visa and Consular offices across Canada. This allows us the ability to obtain a visa either same or next day.


Parkview AirMedical provides professional medical escorts consisting of fully certified ACLS trained Paramedics, Registered Nurses & Physicians.

These escorts accompany your patient, family member and friends on major commercial airlines. These transports can also be done via train and cruise ships for those who cannot fly. We will assist in making sure that the journey is safe and stress free. Our company will coordinate transportation needs to and from the airport along with wheelchair, seat to seat transfers and baggage assistance. We will ensure a smooth bedside to bedside transition.

Detailed medical directives are on hand for any in flight medical emergency and our Medical Directors are available for teleconference medical support 24 hours a day if required. In order to ensure safe travel, Parkview will also obtain medical clearances on all cases and deal with security issues to streamline your travel experience.

Parkview AirMedical can access:

  • Refundable and nonrefundable ticketing for all traveling parties. Flight searches are done to check a full spectrum of suitable carriers (scheduled and charter as appropriate) for flight availability and costs. Once the best option is chosen, it is then offered to the client, patient and/or travel companion to ensure it is also convenient for them Extra seats
  • Special dietary requests (time & routing sensitive)
  • Train Transportation reservation with Via Rail and Amtrak available.
  • Cruise line tickets for those who cannot fly.
  • Hotel reservations for medical escorts, patients and traveling companions.
  • Ground transportation: Utilizing limousine or town car services for those not requiring an ambulance
  • Wheelchair assistance

We can also provide airline ticketing for clients in which their cases do not require medical escorts.

This level of service is limited to a select number of commercial airlines along with suitable aircraft that can support a stretcher.

Parkview will obtain detailed medical report from the health care providers of the patient. If Commercial Stretcher Service is the chosen method of transportation, then we will secure the stretcher, obtain clearances and make all necessary provisions for the transport along with associated costs. (ie: Ambulances to and from the airport and plane to plane)

Most airlines require a minimum of 72 hrs notice. In most cases, the airline confirms first available date due to space and aircraft configurations.

Airline Stretcher

Our company has developed unique relationships with the Airline medical teams which enable us to obtain rapid medical clearances. We obtain all required information and documentation from the sending and receiving facilities that allows us an easy transition with the airlines for medical clearances.

Parkview will also position supplemental oxygen with the airlines. This industry requires advance notice to provide oxygen service therefore our company owns their Oxygen concentrators which are FAA approved. Owning our equipment avoids unnecessary delays to repatriate patients that are ready to be discharged. Either in the air or on the ground we will have you covered.

Parkview has built a unique and vast database of ground ambulance, limousine and taxi providers, including wheelchair accessible vehicles that are used in all our repatriation. We analyze the most cost effective and safest means of transport. Parkview will organize these transfers on individual case bases.


Parkview carries a standard ALS medical kit on every repatriation. This kit meets the airline criteria for airline carry-on requirements.

This kit contains the following:
• AED Defibrillator (we are not dependant on the airline)
• Pulse Oximeter
• ACLS Medications
• Intubation / LMA
• PO Medications
• Glucometer
• Blood Pressure Cuff
• Bag Valve Mask
• IV Solutions
• Pain Management - IV, IM, PO
• Standard First Aid Supplies
• Standard Symptom Relief Supplies (glucagon, ventolin, nitro, epi)

We also have the following equipment on a per case basis:
• Cardiac monitoring and case specific medication
• Portable Oxygen Concentrator FAA approved
• Portable Suction
• Nebulizers
• Vacuum mattress
• Psychiatric Mediations


please call 1 (888) 795-9570
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1 519 942 8143
1 888 795 9570

514 636 0096



In many situations insurance companies will cover the costs involved depending on the medical necessity of the transport. In preapproved cases, we will bill the insurance company directly, otherwise payment, including co-payments and deductibles is due prior to the medical escorts departure.

Parkview accepts: electronic bank wires, direct deposits, American Express, Master Card or Visa.

Once you have been deemed fit to travel and a final destination is secured, Parkview can organize travel plans immediately from the time of your initial phone call.

Our team manages the entire process for you. We schedule ground transportation and manage communications between doctors, ambulances, airline medical desks and families. We will ensure a smooth and safe journey home.

For clients who are unable to ambulate onto the aircraft or within the aircraft cabin, special arrangements are made to safely transfer the patient on and off the aircraft, to their seat, or to the stretcher.

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